ThinkstockPhotos 824351914By Andrew Chung and Robert C. Kossar

Increased e-commerce has created a need for high-quality, last-mile facilities in New York City. E-commerce brands and retailers need to fulfill immediate deliveries, which have become a popular choice among consumers. The percentage of e-commerce sales to the total U.S. retail sales more than doubled between 2010 and 2017. Consumers spent $453 billion on online purchases in 2017 up from $391 billion in 2016, a 16 percent increase. Approximately 25 percent of consumers are willing to pay premiums for same-day delivery.

Terminal Tractor NewDJProducts’ TrailerCaddy makes it easy to move trailers.

By Alan Dorich

If you’ve been in a grocery or big-box store’s parking lot lately, chances are you’ve seen an employee using a shopping cart retrieval system instead of gathering the carts by hand. That “cart pusher” was the first of many battery powered tugs and pushers invented by DJProducts Inc.

ThinkstockPhotos 467551522By Paul Miller 

While speeding may occasionally occur in most fleets, the truth is, it’s bad for business. A report by AAA found that nearly half of all drivers (48 percent) reported going 15 mph over the speed limit on a freeway in the past month. Beyond the glaringly obvious safety concerns, the hidden costs run rampant. No matter the fleet size, business owners and fleet managers need to recognize the implications of speeding and address misconceptions about the ultimate costs associated with speeding. By taking full advantage of the mobile workforce and fleet management technologies available to them, businesses can improve safety and efficiency across their fleets.

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