Christian Brothers AutomotiveFollowing the Golden Rule has led Christian Brothers Automotive to 35 years of success.

By Jim Harris

Christian Brothers Automotive’s technicians know that many of their customers are not seeing them under the best of circumstances. “A lot of people are upset or in bad moods because their car has broken down,” says Jonathan Carr, vice president of marketing for the Houston-based automotive repair franchisor. 

MerckMerck’s sales fleet keeps costs low while boosting its safety rate.

By Alan Dorich

Merck never stops looking for ways to make patients’ lives better, North American Fleet Administrator Scott Lauer says. He explains the pharmaceutical company takes significant portions of its profits and invests it in research to find cures for diseases. “There are many unmet needs,” Lauer says, noting that the company persists, even when the research does not result in a cure. “We’re committed to do that, because it saves lives around the world.”


ZekelmanZekelman Industries combines technology and old-fashioned customer service to attract drivers to carry its loads.

By Jim Harris

For Zekelman Industries, maintaining close relationships with the drivers it works with and keeping up with the latest developments impacting the logistics industry are not mutually exclusive goals. The company’s recent investments in technology supplement its goal to treat drivers well.

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