CLICK SOFTWAREHere are tips for simplifying your technology-driven change-management initiatives.

By Steve Smith

In today’s on-demand world, the need for companies to deliver instantaneous results is a must-have. Customers’ expectations and behaviors are changing rapidly. As a result, companies must modernize transportation and logistics processes in order to increase efficiency and keep up with competitive businesses.  

 BROTHER TRANSPORTATIONFor drivers on the go, mobile technology accelerates the road to value.

By Brian Beans

Scrambling to keep customers satisfied is certainly nothing new in the supply chain world, whether you’re in oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction or other industries. But in today’s frenetically competitive environment, skyrocketing customer expectations and razor-thin profit margins are putting unprecedented pressure on fleet operators, transportation managers, route accounting/DSD teams and drivers to dramatically up their game.

 ADAM COTTINIAdvancements in technology have made the transportation industry more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

By Adam Cottini

In October 2017, Sweden’s train transportation network was the victim of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattack. The attack led to a failure of the IT system that monitors train locations as well the organization’s email system. 


 WALLY STEGALLData sensors can boost energy efficiency.

By Wally Stegall

The transportation and construction industries have long been plagued by energy inefficiency. In fact, medium- and heavy-duty trucks produce 23 percent of all transportation emissions in the United States even though they only make up 5 percent of all vehicles on the road. While energy efficiency often takes a backseat to more pressing issues, fleet managers who prioritize it stand to reapmore than a few rewards. In addition to saving both time and money, careful and consistent monitoring of fleet utilization can pave the way for environmental policy compliance. 


 VOICE TECHNOLOGYVoice technology can drive operational efficiency and improve safety.

By Jesse Robbins

In the modern workplace, teams are increasingly dispersed and mobile, forcing companies to face the challenge of keeping employees connected despite their distance. This challenge is even more urgent in the transportation and logistics field, where employees operate in traditionally siloed environments. When these processes are managed inefficiently, worker productivity suffers, and as a result, so does revenue.

 TRANSFORMING 3PLModernization taps into smart software robots to improve processes and service.

By Russ Gould

Automation is picking up speed across the logistics landscape, playing a powerful role in improving the customer experience. Addressing the need to automate processes and high personnel costs, technology such as robotic process automation (RPA) is driving remarkable change in improving capabilities, services and end-user satisfaction. In an industry long hindered by extensive manual processes, it’s a transformation that is long overdue and poised for steady growth.


 SAFER ROAD TECHAs the logistics and supply chain industry grows, technology will be an anchor for fleet management safety programs.

By David Braunstein

Many companies are making progress in their environment, health and safety (EHS) programs, helping to deliver benefits to companies and the communities in which they operate. The logistics and supply chain industry in particular deserves kudos for managing fleets to be safer on the world’s roads. 


 JOURNEY TO THE CLOUDThe Cloud provides an agile and cost-effective approach to decision making in transportation and logistics.

 By Ted Francisco

When I began helping my clients with their business issues related to transportation and logistics, most people were trying to use old tattered paper notebooks or spreadsheets to try to plan their network design. That was three decades ago and before we developed the technology that we use today. It has been an enjoyable and educational journey. Whether driven by cost reduction, a merger or acquisition, or by new business strategies, rethinking your distribution network has become more important than ever before.  


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