ISAAC KOENYou can use data and software to increase productivity and decrease security risks. 

By Isaac Kohen

Efficiency and smooth operations are key to financial and business success. When looking at transportation logistics, we need to consider how data can greatly transform the industry. Data has been coined the new currency of the modern era. Data is sold, analyzed and used regularly to make more accurate decisions and improve processes. Data will transform operations in a warehouse or distribution center by increasing operation productivity and protecting sensitive logistical data.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONMake sure you are ready before diving into a digital transformation.

By Harsh Joshi 

It’s very clear that new technology tools can be critical to improving the costs and efficiencies of companies, bringing better transparency across the supply chain. However, not many companies can invest in these tools since they operate on decentralized and non-standard data infrastructures. Before diving into a digital transformation, it is important to ensure that your Transportation Management System (TMS) is ready.

TRAILER SPECIFICATIONSYou can enjoy benefits from improvements in semi-trailer technology.

By Michael Goor

While improvements in semi-trailer technology may pale in comparison to many of the disruptive technological advancements making headlines today, they are, in fact, equally as important. Consider the notion that, with the exception of a newborn baby, virtually everything we use in our everyday lives is delivered by truck. Therefore, the ability to improve operating efficiency, reduce expenses and maximize payloads is absolutely critical.  

TALENT PIPELINEIndustries are moving past the millennials and preparing to recruit generation Z.

By Kellie Murphy and Ben Hutterer

When it comes to generational gaps, many human resource departments are like cashiers at a busy deli: “Next!” Many have dealt with the baby boomers, a generation that loved change, and then in the 1980s decided they were done changing. The boomers were followed by generation X, also known as the “latchkey” generation because their boomer parents often weren’t home when gen X kids returned from school. Gen X became well known for their independence and resourcefulness, being self-managing and seeking a work-life balance. 


(Photo credit: Courtesy of Quintiq)

There are new innovations in sustainable refrigerated road transport.

 By Ronald Thorburn

The refrigerated road transport industry has come a long way since Frederick McKinley Jones, a self-taught engineer, invented the first portable air cooling unit for trucks to carry perishable foods back in 1935. It is now estimated that in a decade there will be more than 15 million refrigerated trucks on the road.

ORKIN ARTICLEDealing with pest control in logistics can have its challenges.

By Tim Husen 

Winter is known as invader season and pests, just like people, seek to stay warm during the colder months. Many storage areas, warehouses and transportation vessels provide the resources pests need to survive — food, water and places to hide. With multiple entry points and consistent incoming shipments, pest control in the logistics industry can certainly have its challenges.


EXCISE TAXFuel distributors are finding success through excise tax automation.

By John Beaty

There’s never a simple answer when it comes to calculating excise taxes, particularly in the secondary fuel distribution market. In the midst of an ever-changing landscape of tax laws that are complicated by differences between products, states and municipalities, it’s hard for tax managers to stay abreast of legislation. According to Avalara Excise, in the last two years alone, 77 percent of fuel excise tax rules have changed. Mix in route changes, fuel splits and diversions, and it’s fair to say that anyone would be overwhelmed. 

DRONE DELIVERY BOTS2018 will be the year of next generation deliveries, but not where you might expect.

 By Roei Ganzarski

This past year was a big step toward the next generation of delivery. Amazon tested small package deliveries by drones in the UK, countries like Rwanda and Switzerland incorporated drones into their healthcare system operations, and Domino’s Pizza trialed deliveries by sidewalk bots. However, chances are you personally did not receive a package via drone or bot in 2017. Will next generation deliveries become more mainstream in 2018? The short answer is maybe – but it depends on where you live.


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