5 SECRETS TO FLEET COMPLIANCEThere are five secrets to fleet compliance.

By Erin Cave

For fleet managers, following the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s (FMCSA) Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative is both essential and beneficial. Eliminating compliance violations can pay off quickly, you’re also less likely to be targeted for inspections and the chance of incurring additional violations is further reduced. Even with a good CSA score, the benefits of effective compliance make every dollar spent on it a wise investment. Below are five secrets for helping ensure a compliant, successful fleet.

 SUCCESSFUL INTL 01There are methods for building successful international partnerships.

By Bill Lealos

For carriers looking to expand their service area or chase new revenue streams, expanding to international markets can be a good strategy. A company can go all in and expand their business into a whole new region or take a more measured approach and partner with an existing carrier that is already established in their desired international market. 

 SAFETY RECORDS 01A Fed program allows trucking firms to defend safety records.

By H. Peyton Inge IV

Imagine driving down the road on a sunny day, observing speed limits, tracking your hours of service and keeping a safe distance from the weaving and darting now commonplace on U.S. highways. From out of nowhere, in a seeming instant, a passenger car barrels into the back of your trailer.

RECRUITING AND RETENTION 01Companies must do a better job of keeping new hires and seasoned drivers.

By Kent Ferguson and Steven Spencer

Transportation companies are bullish about growing their companies, according to the 2017 HireRight Employment Background Screening Benchmark Report, with 72 percent reporting they expect to grow their workforce. But with that growth comes challenges: 55 percent of truckers are 45 or older, and that aging workforce is starting to think about retirement – particularly those drivers who struggle with health issues, such as sleep apnea, which may affect their ability to retain their CDL.

 MICHELE CUNNINGHAM 01There are strategies you’ll need to consider in the age of mobility management.

 By Michele Cunningham

Companies currently managing fleets are starting to think differently about how they move people and goods from point A to point B. The most successful companies will be the ones who not only acknowledge the evolving role of the fleet manager, but who also embrace the new mindset of mobility management. To do this, companies must change culturally and adopt more holistic and strategic processes. Here are three new strategies companies will need to consider as they shift from fleet management to mobility management. 

FedEx DriverFedEx Freight driver Bryce Neilson was recognized for his extraordinary actions at the scene of a major accident.

 By Alan Dorich

People tend to focus on what truck drivers can do to stay safe behind the wheel, but what they do outside of their vehicles often goes overlooked. One person being recognized for his actions outside of the cab is Bryce Neilson, a road driver for FedEx Freight. 

 FARRELL DIGITAL TRACKING 01The trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar.

By Robert Farrell

In today’s electronic world it’s only a matter of time until manual data recording tasks are eliminated completely – and the trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar. Make no mistake, this mandate will have a widespread impact on businesses outside of the transportation industry. Warehouses, distributors, manufacturers and other links in the extended supply chain must plan for it now; or pay the price later. 

 DANNY HALIM 01You can leverage big data and predictive analytics to optimize the supply chain.

By Danny Halim

Everyone in the industry talks about big data, but what does it really mean? Big data is defined as extremely large data sets, both structured or unstructured, that are analyzed to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to both human behavior and interactions. 


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