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Since its inception in the early 1980s, LTW Intralogistics has maintained a focus on innovation, providing user-friendly stacker cranes to the automated material handling market worldwide. Due to its commitment to quality and meeting the changing needs of its customers, the company has grown to serve customers in more than 30 countries.

President Daryl Hull says LTW’s commitment to innovation sets it apart in the industry. In fact, the company developed the industry’s only stacker crane that offers the capability to change aisles on a curved track. “Most other stacker cranes can only travel back and forth on a straight track,” he says.

“We make both models, but we have become famous for our cranes that can travel on a curved track,” Hull continues.

One of the company’s newest technological developments is a feature that provides for extensive energy reduction. “The cranes are designed to handle maximum throughput per hour, but if the system is not requesting the peak number of pallets per hour, our software will recognize this,” Hull says. “It will automatically slow the speed of the cranes and equipment, which significantly saves on energy.”

Customers appreciate the green aspects of the system. “The feedback we receive from our customers is tremendous,” Hull declares. “There is a fair number of customers coming to us for information on how our products can help them move to­ward attaining LEED certification on their buildings.”


Even in today’s turbulent economy, LTW has enjoyed steady work from customers looking to reduce their own costs by automating their processes. “Our customers are definitely trying to automate as much

as they can at a reasonable level, to reduce their operating costs,” Hull explains. “Reducing operating costs is key. They’ve already done a lot of cost-reduction in manufacturing, but the warehouse seems to be the hot item right now. Automating can help customers significantly reduce their costs in the warehouse.”

The company operates a supply chain that is “extremely organized out of necessity,” Hull says. LTW products are developed in Austria-based ski lift manufacturer Doppelmayr Group’s facility.

“Every piece of metal in our products is documented, and we have the highest quality standards in the

market,” Hull says. “We maintain a policy of continuous improvements to ensure our products will meet our customers’ needs.”

Although stacker cranes look like large, complicated pieces of equipment, Hull says they can cost less per hour than a traditional lift truck. As a result, LTW has been able to develop a list of repeat clients. “Once our customers deal with us and see our product, they continue to come back to us,” Hull says. “They appreciate that they can purchase a high-quality product with very low maintenance and aftermarket costs.”

Dealing with the Best

LTW is currently working toward developing its dealer base throughout North America.

“We’re always looking for qualified, well-established material handling distributors who are already working in the higher level of technology for the industry,” Hull says.

The company strives to promote from within whenever possible, and currently enjoys very little turnover, Hull says. Maintaining a qualified base of dealers and employees is imperative to the company.

“Since our home office is in Austria, our culture here is to cross every T twice, and dot every I twice,” Hull ex­plains. “Because this equipment is very detailed, along with our scope of supply, it becomes a necessity

to double-check every aspect of the business.”

As a result of its commitment to providing the highest-quality products on the market, Hull expects LTW to continue on its path of growth.

“In 10 years from now, I believe

we will be recognized as the premier stacker crane supplier to North America,” he explains.

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