City of LakelandLakeland, Fla.’s fleet management division stays current with technology and facility upgrades.

By Alan Dorich 

With its location between the bustling cities of Tampa and Orlando, the city of Lakeland, Fla., cannot afford to fall out of step with the rest of the state. Instead, Fleet Manager Gary McLean says, it is committed to improving all of the time.

City of Durham

The city of Durham Fleet Management department finds a balance between cost and supporting public services.

By Tim O’Connor

Municipalities needs vehicles to deliver the services residents have come to expect, but they also need to keep budgets in check. With the average cost of a fire engine nearing $500,000 – and sometimes more – a one-time purchase can make a significant dent in a municipal budget. Cities such as Durham, N.C., are increasingly relying on their fleet management departments to balance equipment and vehicle needs with available funding.

Syntech SystemsThe FuelMaster system’s quality, durability and capabilities make it a leader in its field.

FuelMaster leads the market in fuel management automation for one simple reason. “Day in and day out, from the deserts of Mojave to fuel sites in Alaska, our stuff just works,” says Dan Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing for Syntech Systems, the company behind the FuelMaster brand.

BigIronBigIron brings transparency and reliability to capital equipment auctions.

By Tim O’Connor

When a farming couple prepares for retirement they often consider putting their assets and equipment up for sale. That can be intimidating for a family that must compete against large dealerships, fleet managers and transportation companies to get their tractors, or truck and trailers noticed in the market. However, if they sell through BigIron Auctions – an online marketplace that features auction service specializing in agriculture, construction and transportation equipment and vehicles – they are sure to receive equal treatment.


SuezSUEZ’ facility in Hackensack, N.J., introduces lighter vehicles and an anti-idle program to reduce its environmental impact.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

SUEZ is a leading environmental company providing water and waste recycling services to more than 7.5 million people in the United States and Canada. With a company-wide commitment to innovation, SUEZ New Jersey Operations is adding safer and more efficient trucks to its fleet at its Hackensack, N.J., facility.

Oklahoma Gas

Oklahoma Gas and Electric stays at the front of its fleet’s maintenance needs.

By Jim Harris

Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) takes a proactive approach to maintaining its vehicle fleet. “We’re great at preventative maintenance,” says Paul Jefferson, fleet manager for the Oklahoma City-based public utility company. “We analyze potential equipment failures and keep track of repairs so we can stay ahead of them.”

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