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Virgil Siedhoff Sr., founder and owner of Siedhoff Distributing, bought a truck in 1954 and started delivering milk in glass bottles door to door. He could not imagine then how much his business would grow over the next five decades. Today, the company has three separate divisions: dairy distribution, trucking and truck repair.

Siedhoff Distributing remains a family business with the five Siedhoff children,  one son and four daughters being an integral part of the growth of the company.

Slow Growth

Siedhoff grew his business over the early years, buying out small distributors that wanted out of the business. This enabled him to expand the company’s reach into wholesale delivery.

By the late ’70s, the company no longer delivered door-to-door and instead focused on wholesale distribution for its growth, always keeping customer satisfaction a priority.

“We figured, if we treat people right and give them good service, that will win in the long run,” he says.

Siedhoff was right, and his company continued its steady growth. In 1981, Siedhoff Distributing joined Prairie Farms Dairy, a dairy cooperative that distributes milk from more than 700 producers in 14 states. “A lot of our growth came because of our relationship with Prairie Farms,” Siedhoff explains.

Today, the company does nine daily milk routes, delivering dairy products and fresh produce, and one ice cream and frozen products route to supermarkets, schools, nursing homes, convenience stores and restaurants.

Diversifying Services

Siedhoff’s Trucking Division started in 1987, and it owes a big part of its growth to Virgil Siedhoff Jr. The fleet went from one tractor to its current 45 tractors and 60 refrigerator trailers. The trucking division has taken a slow and steady approach to maintain the level of service for which the company is known.

The growth of its fleet led Siedhoff Distributing to develop its repair division in 2005.  “Our fleet was on the road during the week and we did the maintenance when they were back on the weekends. We also had some local businesses that were looking for maintenance on their own fleets and they came to us,” Siedhoff Jr. says. Now, outside repairs account for more than half of the repairs completed in the shop.

The four bay drive-through truck centers are prepared to service any type of repair, from light repairs and regular maintenance, such as oil changes, to major overhaul and repairs.

Technology and Management

The company has partnered with PeopleNet, a GPS tracking service, to help monitor its deliveries and stay in compliance with federal and state DOT regulations and rules. Siedhoff Distributing’s use of electronic logs helps in this effort. “That technology has helped us become much more efficient,” Siedhoff Jr. explains.

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