MOBRO Marine Inc.

MOBRO Marine Inc. has not been severely impacted by the economic conditions because the firm is well diversified, Territory Manager Bren­dan Moran says. “We haven’t seen a tremendous slowdown,” he says. “We have equipment located in New York to the Caribbean, as well as Cen­tral and South America. We are not limited to any specific geographical location.”

The Green Cove Springs, Fla.-based firm is a full-service marine equipment company that services the construction and marine industries. It offers inland and ocean towing services and equipment rentals, sales and service of barges, cranes, tugs, pile hammers and jet pumps. “We also provide barge loading, tie down and marine transport to both domestic and international job site locations, all from our private port facility in North Florida,” Moran adds. “We employ a full-service shipyard to accommodate our fleet of marine and construction equipment.”

“Hard work, dedication and providing a high level of service to achieve customer satisfaction is the hallmark of the company and has allowed MOBRO Marine to grow and prosper over the last five decades,” the company says.

Another major strength is the ability to provide a full range of services to its customer base. “We are your one-stop shop for all marine equipment and transportation needs,” Moran says. “We offer barge rentals, crane rentals, worldwide towing, new barge construction/repairs, crane repairs and total refurbishment of American Cranes.

“Our diverse fleet of barges, tug boats and cranes accompanied with our exceptional knowledge of the industry has allowed us to experience continued growth through a slow economy,” Moran continues.

Extensive Fleet

Despite its advantages, MOBRO Marine always strives to stay updated and change with the times. President John Rowland stresses that technological innovations are important to the firm. “We are constantly updating our fleet with modern technology and new equipment,” Rowland says. “We are the Kobelco Crawler Crane dealer for Flo­rida. We have these cranes in our ren­tal fleet and available for sale. We are replacing our older cranes, barges and tug boats to provide our customers with the latest products and technology.”

Updating its fleet is one of the major market demands the company has seen. “MOBRO Marine has an extensive fleet of cranes available for rent,” the company says. “Our cranes range from 30 tons up to 450 tons and are available for rent barge-mounted or on land, both domestically and internationally.”

“Almost all large-scale construction involves cranes,” Rowland explains. “We cater mostly to bridge contractors and marine contractors but we also rent our cranes for land-based projects as well.

“Some marine contractors prefer the American friction-style crawler cranes, while various land-based contractors may request a newer style Kobelco hydraulic crawler crane,” he continues. “We have both to offer. We also have an extensive barge fleet, with more than 100 available for charter. This includes both ABS and non-ABS load line barges, spud barges, equipment and material hauling barges and hopper barges.”

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