The China Navigation Co. (CNCo) is adding service to its already-robust Pacific Region routes with 34 new ships.

For Trade Manager Andrew Wong, who is responsible for organizing CNCo’s southbound trade and overseeing shipping operations in North America, adding and improving service in key markets is a great achievement. “What we have seen is an increase in competition with a presence of increased charter operations,” he says. “We are providing a faster, more reliable service than competitors and have had success working to improve schedules.”

Harley Marine Services Inc. began as a company that looked ahead to the future to determine where the marine transportation industry was headed and took action before the competition. It is no different today as the family owned business prepares its fleet to comply with new and upcoming regulations.

“When [founder] Harley Franco started the company in 1987, the mission at that time was to provide a safe, responsible carrier that would service the oil companies with a safe and environmentally friendly attitude,” says Keith Barnes, director of petroleum barge operations. 

When remote villages in Alaska’s North Slope Borough are in need of site and common carriage services, they are unable to be reached by trucks. Instead, they turn to Bowhead Transport Co., which reaches its customers with barges and specialized marine lighterage vessels, General Manager Jim Dwight says.

Based in Seattle, Bowhead provides marine cargo transportation, barge and lighterage services, vessel leasing and logistics support. The company started operations in 1982, in partnership with Quality Marine Services.

Getting a table at a crowded restaurant without a reservation is no fun, and picking up a container at the Port of Vancouver is equally challenging. The port uses a truck reservation system, and the goal is to obtain reservations from the scarcity available to match the customers’ supply chain requirements.

Harbour Link Container Services Inc. functions as a valet service, transporting containers directly between the port and the customer’s premises or via Harbour Link’s off-dock container depot for relay to the customer in step with their supply chain requirements. The company primarily serves Canada’s four western provinces and the northwestern United States.

One of the nation’s largest ports for both cargo and passenger travel is positioning itself for even further growth. Three projects at PortMiami will strengthen its current status as a link to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond.

“These large capital projects – comprising the most ambitious improvement programs in our history – will transform the port and its facilities over the next several years,” port officials say. “The port, with its state, federal and private-sector partners, is investing more than $2 billion in major infrastructure improvements to support future growth of both its cargo and cruise businesses.”

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