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Melton Truck Lines Inc. Senior Vice President of Operations Russ Elliott says there’s one constant in the flatbed trucking industry, no matter what the state of the business: Do what you promise to do, and you’ll survive. “No one ever expected you to be perfect, but everyone expects you to be honest and accurate,” he says.

That principle has served Melton Truck Lines well ever since the company started hauling in 1954. When the company’s current ownership took over in 1991, that ideal was carried over to the next generation of Melton Truck Lines, and it persists today.

Elliott stresses that honesty remains the best policy for Melton, and solving problems quickly for customers rather than trying to cover them up or shift the blame remains the cornerstone of its business practices.

Melton Truck Lines operates a fleet of strictly flatbed trucks throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Elliott says the company has a very diverse customer base with the largest commodity groups consisting of steel and aluminum products, manufactured goods and machinery.

In recent years, Melton Truck Lines has had to cope with the new state of the industry caused by the recession. Unlike the van sector of the trucking industry, the majority of flatbed carriers are small operators, with a few larger ones. In the years just before the recession, many of these carriers were adding capacity, only to find themselves running a lot of overhead with little work once the recession took hold. As a result, many of these smaller carriers – as well as a few big ones – went out of business.

Although the economic recovery is slow, the surviving flatbed carriers have found plenty of work out there.

“The carriers that have emerged from [the recession] have enjoyed more freight due to less capacity in the marketplace for a few years now,” Elliott says.

Modern Fleet

Of course, there’s more to the success of Melton Truck Lines than simply being large enough to survive the recession. After all, the company had more than 50 years of history behind it when the markets fell several years ago. Elliott says several factors have contributed to the company’s success over the years, and one of the most important is keeping a modern fleet of trucks on the road.

“Our equipment is new, and that allows us to keep moving on the road without a lot of problems,” Elliott says. The company’s state-of-the-art fleet not only prevents downtime due to unscheduled maintenance, but also keeps it in compliance with new regulations. Elliott says Melton Truck Lines is installing onboard recorders on all of its trucks to measure hours of service.

“It’s a good thing for the industry, and down the way I think it will become a mandatory deal for everyone,” he says.

To ensure that the company is living up to its goals in terms of customer service, Melton Truck Lines is meticulous about collecting feedback, Elliott says. This is a big part of the reason why Melton Truck Lines has a strong track record of service in the industry, he says.

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