Nebraska Transport Co.

Some things are meant to be. When Richard Holliday was 18 years old, he was driving through Scottsbluff, Neb., when he ran out of gas. That proved to be a strike of luck. Holliday decided to stay in town, got a job in the trucking industry and, in 1973, he started his own transportation company, Nebraska Transport Co. (NTC). The new business’ first job was transporting a washing machine across the state.

Today, second and third generation descendants of Richard Holliday run NTC, with his son Brent Holliday serving as a director and as CEO. The company owns 140 tractors, 270 trailers and 25 flatbeds. Although NTC has covered 48 states, it focuses mainly on the Midwest and has 11 offices in Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois.

The transportation business has changed since NTC started and the company has had to adjust. “In the late ’70s, the industry wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now,” says Ken Hughes, president of NTC and 30-year veteran in the industry. “Trucking companies now have to keep up with technology and an increase in customer demands. You also have to keep tabs on your cost because margins back then were 20 cents on a dollar, while now it’s pennies on a dollar.

“Customers are demanding more real-time information, more flexibility, later pick-ups and earlier deliveries,” he adds. “They are also demanding that we do some of their inventory control. So we are forced to pick up additional expenses to accommodate those demands.”

To meet customer demands, NTC implemented an operations optimization program in 2012. “We started this program to be able to measure the inefficiencies within our company,” Hughes explains. “We documented and identified where they were and we went after them. We drove our inefficiencies from 35 percent down to 5 percent.”

NTC also implemented a new model for estimating cost for clients. “This model tells us the best price we can give the customer if we do our job flawlessly,” he says. “It takes out of the equation any consideration of our inefficiencies because our customer shouldn’t have to pay for that.”

This model has made the company very competitive in terms of price. “If we do our job well operationally, our sales team can sell a realistic low price and we make money,” Hughes notes.

Customer Satisfaction

Hughes is satisfied with the money savings NTC has gained through improved efficiencies, but he knows the key to success is customer service. “Our service product and customer service are second to none,” he says. “We are 99 percent or better on-time every month companywide. We are better than 99 percent in the Midwest, which is really good.”

Hughes is proud to offer the same level of business to every one of NTC’s clients. “It doesn’t matter if the client is Parker Hannifin, Michelin tires or a customer who ships once or twice a month. We always try to improve their operations as well as ours.”

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