With New York City’s status as the most populous U.S. city, its support agencies need to make sure they provide the best services to its citizens. Thankfully, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is there to lend a helping hand.

The DCAS’s range of services includes facility management, logistics, procurement, energy, human capital, agency support and the purchase, sale and leasing of property. Chief Fleet Officer and Deputy Commissioner Keith Kerman adds that the department also manages a fleet of 26,000 vehicles for 50 city agencies.

“If you can provide for someone in the medical field, they know a lot of people, and they’re going to provide you with a lot of referrals,” Now Courier Vice President Ryan Schwalbach says. This is valuable insight from the son who witnessed his parents grow a company from a two-man operation to the region’s leading courier business.

Schwalbach fondly remembers the beginning. In 1986, his father – Mike Schwalbach – founded the company with a partner who is no longer with Now Courier. One would work as dispatcher, while the other made deliveries and sales calls. “They were scratching and clawing for anything they could get,” Schwalbach recalls. 

With more than 40 years of experience under its belt and a widespread reputation for quality and service, it’s easy to see why MotivePower Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and re-manufacturing of diesel-electric locomotives.

Since 1972, the company – established as the rail systems group of manufacturer Morrison Knudsen and formerly known as Boise Locomotive Company – has successfully manufactured and delivered more than 2,500 locomotives from its manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho. MotivePower is a subsidiary of Wabtec, which was formed following the merger of its parent MotivePower Industries Corp. with Westinghouse Air Brake Company in 1999. 

Asking for more coffee at a restaurant is a sign that a customer is truly satisfied. It’s the same with the full menu of services offered by Miller Truck Leasing. “Our customers enjoy their business with us so much so that when it comes time to renew, they renew their vehicles with us,” Vice President and co-owner Mark Miller reports. “That’s the ultimate description of success. If our customers want to continue doing business with us, we must be handling them properly. We could say our business retention rate is the highest in the industry.”

Serving an un-met need in a market is a great way to generate business, but Cryo-Trans Inc. took that strategy even further. Cryo-Trans ensured its strength not only by creating a new service for the food industry, but also by making it easy for customers to choose Cryo-Trans over other transporters because of the many benefits of its system. 

Keith Hall & Sons Transport Ltd. started in 1965 with one truck, hauling milk from local farms and delivering it to Ontario dairies. Since then, the company has grown to be one of Ontario’s largest family owned and operated transportation businesses. Dedicated to hauling liquid foods, dry foods and general freight throughout North America, Keith Hall & Sons Transport has found that its quality of service goes far in ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as the company’s continued growth. 

border="0" />Heniff Transportation Systems was eager to acquire more customers until 2010, when it discovered that doing so too quickly and without the right foundation was not in its best interest.

Bob Heniff had founded Heniff Transportation Systems in 1998 in his Chicago apartment with only one chemical manufacturer as a client and four trailers. “My grandfather and father both had transportation companies that focused on hauling petroleum products,” Heniff says. “Basically, I am a third-generation business owner in a similar industry.” 

Gordon Sevig Trucking Co., a subsidiary of Quad Holdings Inc., excels in its reputation of reliability and flexibility when it comes to the transportation and logistics needs of its customers. The Walford, Iowa, company is building a new warehouse in its home state to expand and continue providing its clients the same high-quality service it has provided for the past 30 years.

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