It isn’t difficult to see what differentiates CG Railway from other rail providers – just look at where its tracks are located. “What makes us unique is that we are a Class 3 short line railroad, but our tracks are on rail ferry vessels that cross the Gulf of Mexico,” says Kevin Wild, senior vice president of the Mobile, Ala.-headquartered company. 

Britton Transport may be a business based on machines, but it is actually its people who enable it to thrive, President Dave Britton asserts. “We’ve been fortunate to work with great people,” he says.

“We strive to hire people who have good values,” he explains. “The value element is more important than the experience people can bring.”

When Scott Batey and Bill Hatfield purchased BP Express in 2006, they did so because they were looking for a complementary business to their dedicated contract carriage company and because its Southeastern base meant that runs were relatively short. This made BP Express a very driver-friendly company that allowed drivers to spend more time home with their families. The company also fit comfortably into the intermodal supply chain in the Southeast, having served the region’s port and rail networks since its inception in 1995. 

Ben E. Keith Co., a Fort Worth, Texas-based distributor of foodservice products and beverages, recently opened a new warehouse facility to improve service and call one of its longtime service areas home.

The 475,000-square-foot facility is located on 82 acres in Missouri City, Texas and distributes foodservice products to the Houston, southeast Texas and southern Louisiana regions, Food President Mike Roach says. Ben E. Keith has been delivering products and building relationships in the region for more than 20 years. “The core business will be the same, but the facility has a number of advancements built into it,” he adds. The new distribution center offers 17,000 items to its customers to fulfill any foodservice operator’s needs.

Credit for punctual service is often given to the companies seen delivering packages on doorsteps or letters into mailboxes. However, B&B Trucking, based in Kalamazoo, Mich., is behind the scenes maintaining on-time local and long-distance hauling of mail and packages from one plant to another for prompt home deliveries. 

The city of Anaheim Public Works Fleet Services Division maintains and repairs 1,100 vehicles for the California city, including everything from fire engines to golf carts. Fleet Services is responsible for all rolling city equipment including police, fire and public works vehicles, as well as all of the city’s standby emergency generators. It replaces $2.5 million in vehicles and equipment annually.

Managing a fleet that consists of hundreds of vehicles is never easy, and that’s especially true in the public sector. Not only do state agencies have to deal with the expected responsibilities of maintaining their fleets, but they have to operate with the knowledge that they are doing so with taxpayer money. This puts added pressure on agencies to squeeze the most out of their equipment. In Alabama, the state’s Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has found a winning formula that keeps its vehicles up to date and efficient while also providing a good return on investment when it’s time to cycle out older equipment. 

Quality, profit and fun. They’re only three words, but according to the owner and president of Zoresco Equipment Co., those three words mean a lot. 

“Each one of those elements must serve the customer, our suppliers and our employees,” explains Vic Tedesco. “We’ve built a group of highly educated and skilled employees along with a dedicated senior management team who take all three elements seriously. We look for employees that have a high energy level and desire to be a part of a unique team focused on those three things. These are words that we live by every day.” 

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