Roses are red. Violets are blue. To get them to their destinations on time, you have to be on cue. Flower Transfer Logistics (FTL), a subsidiary of the Delaware Valley Floral Group, knows the importance of getting product in and out on time. Shipping fresh bulk flowers  before the wilting begins or transporting potted plants prior to their blossoming is a time-sensitive business. FTL has designed its operation to handle the particular challenges associated with wholesale floral delivery. 

“All of our drivers understand that when they leave Sewell, N.J., they are going to meet an airplane that’s landing in Miami that just came from Ecuador or Colombia. As soon as they get there, the plane needs to be emptied and their truck needs to be loaded and back here the very next day or we screw everything up,” explains Vice President Randy Schenauer. “We could have 1,000 customers impacted by one truck being late.” 

The road can be a lonely place, especially when you’re in need of help. Giving trucking companies peace of mind has been Downtime Fleet Management’s goal since its inception, and co-owner and General Manager Bill Dorsey says the company delivers on that promise through high-quality service and a lifetime of commercial truck and trailer experience. 

Based in Pooler, Ga., Downtime Fleet Management is an offshoot of Dorsey Tire, which was founded by Dorsey’s father and has been serving the south Atlantic region of the country since 1979. As Dorsey explains, the company had been doing a lot of retreading work for New Jersey-based Consolidated Chassis Management, and in 2005 that customer asked if Dorsey Tire could provide roadside assistance services for its chassis pool. Eventually more customers joined, and Downtime Fleet Management was off and running. 

In Amarillo, Texas — where the major industry is cattle — Dee King Trucking says it is the top choice for cattle hauling. Founded in 1992 by Dee King with one truck, the company has grown to operate 117 tractors and almost 180 trailers.

“My family has always been in the cattle-hauling business,” Vice President Aaron King notes. When Aaron’s father founded Dee King Trucking, it was hauling only live cattle. Then, in 2007, it started hauling refrigerated beef and earlier this year it began hauling containers, as well. Expanding in this way has diversified the company and led to its success, and now 60 percent of its business is refrigerated beef.

Leading the ISO tank container industry in transportation and innovation, Boasso America is a premier company for importing and exporting chemicals. 

“Nearly everything we handle is import or export related – over 95 percent of our volumes,” explains Michael Sperber, business development director. “This separates us from most competition as they tend to focus primarily on domestic tank trailer business.”

Boasso America hauls liquid and gas chemicals, hazardous or not, in 20-foot ISO tank containers for import or export. The company operates a fleet of 385 trucks, which deliver these products from plants throughout the country to either piers or rail ramps for ultimate transport overseas. “We represent only one component of their overall logistics package,” Sperber says about his clients. 

Companies in the trucking and freight industry typically battle a stigma of having dingy offices and poorly maintained warehouses and trucking docks that often hurt their chances of obtaining new clients. With that in mind, Chris E. Haas – president and CEO of All Pro Freight Systems Inc. – made sure his company’s facilities have an air of professionalism about them from the shop and docks and up to the offices. 

“When we built our facilities, we changed our model from cold-calling and knocking on people’s doors to getting people to visit us,” Haas says. “Today, our facilities are confused with law offices because we do everything first class, and that makes people want to be a part of our organization.”

Ace Hardware’s history extends back to 1924 when Richard Hese, E. Gunnard Lindquist, Frank Burke and Oscar Fisher founded the organization. Today, there are more than 4,500 Ace Hardware home improvement stores in more than 60 countries and Ace continues to grow. 

In 1990, the company decided to develop the infrastructure needed to pursue international markets with a growth strategy designed to build the retailers’ business and deliver a consistent and helpful experience. In 2006, Ace opened a global distribution warehouse in Shanghai. Continuous improvement has positioned Ace as the No. 1 best, lowest-cost hardware distributor on the planet.

As a consultant in a field that gets quite technical, Via Rail Logistics LLC sure does place a heavy emphasis on developing relationships. Founded in 2005, Via Rail Logistics is a consulting firm focused solely on railroad infrastructure.

It has worked with clients in industries such as mining operations, transload terminals, intermodal facilities, industrial centers, manufacturing and passenger lines to develop turnkey solutions in railway design and construction. Due diligence, feasibility studies, infrastructure development, design documents and construction services are all standard services provided by Via Rail Logistics, whether it’s for a single-car user or unit-train shipper. But before the tracks are laid, the company sets a firm foundation with each client.

“Just in time” is the name of the game in trucking nowadays, and not just in the automotive industry that comprises approximately 65 percent of Venture Logistics’ business. “We found out over the years that everybody has become just in time,” President and CEO Doug Williams declares. “It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Everybody expects it to be there on a scheduled basis, not like the old days when just the automotive people wanted that.”

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