Many aspects of the transportation industry have changed greatly since Valley Farm Transport founder Bob Nickum set up shop with a single truck in 1963. The Dixon, Calif.-based company has evolved greatly to address these changes, which include technology, government regulations and the increasing cost of doing business in its home state.

When clients come to Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co., they are looking for trailers that are built to last and can endure the harsh conditions of the road, Craig Bennett says. “There’s an old saying that ‘a trailer is a box on wheels,’” he says. “Don’t believe it.

“A trailer is a working piece of equipment,” he says. “It will have a life of 10 years for its first owner and five to seven years for the second owner. It is used and can be abused [throughout its life].”

The fluctuation in natural gas and oil prices has led to fluctuation in production, and Walt Sanders, president of RMT Inc., says that support service companies such as his have to be able to ebb and flow with the changing demand.“This industry is still very reactive based on the price of natural gas and oil,” Sanders says. “It’s amazing with fluctuation how fast a company can shut down a process or stop working. And at the same time it’s amazing how fast they move. If they find an oil play in Arizona, you can guarantee someone can be down there in a short period of time.”

Although Red Rock Transportation Inc. itself is a relatively new addition to the Bakken Shale region, its owners and staff bring decades of experience to the company’s work. The company formed in 2007 when co-owners Robert “Barney” Pfeifer  and Gary Thompson decided to pool their collective 65 years of experience in the transportation and oilfield realms into a new venture. Both men had worked together previously for an oilfield company, and are natives of western North Dakota.

For more than six decades, Paxton Cos. has continued the Paxton family’s legacy in logistics. Based in Springfield, Va., the family owned firm provides moving, storage and records management services for corporate, government and education sector clients around the globe.

COO Bill Paxton says his family entered the moving business in the 1900s, when his great-grandfather, Frederick D. Paxton, founded District Transfer, a furniture moving company in Washington, D.C. In those early days, the elder Paxton used mules and donkeys for hauling power.

It can be difficult to bring a dream to fruition, but President Mitch Miller managed the task with MinStar Transport, his Eagan, Minn.-based logistics company. “I’ve always had a passion for transportation,” he declares. “My dream has always been to start and own my own trucking company.”

The Blackstone Group did its homework before completing its acquisition of Milestone Equipment Holdings in 2012. The Chicago-based private equity firm, which now owns 80 percent of Milestone Equipment, talked to many of its new addition’s major customers, all of which had the same positive experience to report.

Founded in 1985 by Mark and Greg Jackson, Liquid Cargo represents a culmination of three generations of the Jacksons’ hard work and effort. “My great-grandfather, Chester Jackson, was the one who got our family started in the transportation business back in the late 1910s,” recalls President Kevin Jackson. Jackson is the fourth generation of the Jackson family in the transportation industry.

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