Strong values and ultimate professionalism drive Contract Transport Services.

Great business often begins with change, and that’s exactly what has been happening at one Wisconsin transportation services company. The “employee-first” business model of Contract Transport Services (CTS) is one that company president Curt Reitz has worked hard to put in place and implement since joining CTS in late 2012. For Reitz, there is no other way to run a company.

“As the proud son of a truck driver, I know how vital it is for a driver to feel important and like their contributions matter,” Reitz says. “That’s why I make it known that I – and others in management – treat our drivers with the same respect I extend to our customers.”


Blackhawk Transport launches a new equipment leasing service to complement its dedicated contract solutions.  

By Janice Hoppe

Blackhawk Transport has grown almost 400 percent over the past three years and Mike Holloway, president and CEO, credits the company’s success to its dedicated private fleet replacement model. “To have that kind of growth is because of our ability to hire and retain drivers, and we have a competitive advantage to buy new equipment at a lower interest rate than most,” he says. “When you add those two things together, that’s why we have been able to do well in the dedicated environment with a wide variety of services and equipment.”

The Beloit, Wis.-based company is an asset-based dedicated contract solutions, market-to-market regional and service-sensitive long-haul trucking provider. It specializes in replacing private fleets and eliminating capital costs for its customers. Although it offers many of the same services as its logistics competitors throughout the United States, Holloway says the difference is in the ownership.

“A key component is our ownership group,” he adds. “Because of who they are, the cost of capital is much less than our competition. Being able to have low cost-of-capital allows us to join any market with any customer that makes sense.”


NG Advantage continues to grow the technical capabilities and physical footprint of its compressed natural gas virtual pipeline services.

By Jim Harris

For the past five years, NG Advantage has served as a critical link in the energy chain. The Colchester, Vt.-based company is focused on one purpose: trucking compressed natural gas (CNG) to large industrial energy users who are beyond the reach of natural gas pipelines.

“Our strength is our demonstrated ability to serve very large customers that were previously believed to require a physical pipeline to meet their demand,” says Tom Evslin, CEO of the Colchester, Vt.-based company.

The company’s largest customer is International Paper, which at one point in its recent history was slated to have a natural gas pipeline extended to its plant in Ticonderoga, N.Y. After that extension was repeatedly delayed and the estimated cost increased, the manufacturer began working with NG Advantage, which delivers 18 truckloads’ worth of CNG to International Paper on a daily basis. “That’s a huge quantity of natural gas – there’s no one else in the United States serving a customer with anywhere near that volume of CNG” Evslin says. “That scale is a true strength of ours.”


NNR USA’s ability to hook into client and carrier data gives customers a better view of their supply chain.

By Tim O’Connor

In the logistics world, the ability to move quickly makes all the difference to customers. NNR’s ability to forecast and adapt to fluid supply chains has made it a leading supply chain partner for clients across the world. “It’s staying ahead of that curve that lets us add value,” says Tom Pampillonia, NNR USA’s director of eastern and southern regions.

Take the extensive congestions that clogged the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach last year during union negotiations, causing some ships to wait weeks before they could dock. NNR foresaw the issue and created contingency plans to reroute customers’ cargo by sea and air to other ports. “We plan for the worst and hope for the best, but we have to make sure our clients maintain supply chain continuity,” Pampillonia says.

HTFN Panama

HTFN Worldwide member Express Transport by Air has big plans for hosting the organization’s annual conference in New York City.

By Janice Hoppe

HTFN Global Logistics is an established worldwide network of independent forwarding agents and considered to be the “champion of networks” in the industry because of the caliber and integrity of its agents. “In our network, we have exclusive territory, meaning one agent for each market,” says Angela Flynn, HTFN chairperson and president of Express Transport by Air. “It gives us the ability to build good relationships and build partnerships.”

Each of HTFN’s 85 members is a prominent local agent in their respective markets, such as Express Transport by Air, with years of know-how, experience and financial stability. For more than 30 years, companies have relied on HTFN’s network of agents to provide essential freight transportation and logistics services. In addition to traditional freight services, HTFN member companies provide a wide range of value-added logistics options, quality processes and industry expertise.

G and D

G&D Integrated benefits from the use of biodiesel fuel.

By Alan Dorich

When G&D Integrated forms relationships with its customers, it focuses on what clients consider important, Vice President of Transportation Jeff Cohen says. “We don’t exploit those relationships when the market is in our favor,” he asserts. “We bring a lot of value-added services to them, and will bypass short-term pricing advantages in favor of a longer-term view that brings continuing value to both parties.”

That strategy has paid off for the company, which has nurtured repeat clients within the heavy equipment industry. “They view us as a partner, with deep knowledge of their business, as opposed to trying to figure out who else could do what we do,” he says.


Dunavant has positioned itself well to serve customers and for future growth.

By Alan Dorich

After nearly 60 years as a global commodity merchant, Dunavant has developed experience that enables it to anticipate logistics problems when serving clients in the agriculture, automotive, chemical and specialty retail markets. “That gives us an edge,” COO Richard McDuffie says.

Based in Memphis, Tenn., Dunavant offers global and domestic transportation, drayage and trucking, warehousing and distribution and supply chain management and consulting services. The company originally started operations in the 1960s as a global cotton merchant.

By 1970, it had acquired its brokerage authority and developed warehousing and logistics services that allowed it to move cotton worldwide. In fact, McDuffie says, the company became the first merchant in the United States to merchandise and sell cotton into China.

When Dunavant approached him about joining the firm in 2007, “We were spending $250 million a year moving cotton,” he recalls. “They needed someone to come in, supervise and manage their entire global logistics supply chain.” It was complicated due the vastness of the supply chain with more than 40 countries around the world being touched in some way from a logistics perspective by Dunavant.

transamericaTrans American’s 40th anniversary stands as a testament to the company’s strength and service.

By Chris Petersen

When customers look for a company to handle their trucking or warehousing needs, they need to be confident in the partner they choose. After all, there’s a lot on the line as the transportation or logistics partner they choose is tasked with ensuring they can keep the promises they made to their own customers.

In the ocean of choices customers have when selecting a trucking or warehousing partner, longevity means a lot. The longer a transportation company has been in business, the greater the odds that they are trustworthy, and trustworthiness is one of the most important commodities in the transportation and logistics sector.

Take, for example, New Jersey-based Trans American Trucking & Warehouses. This January, the company marked its 40th year serving customers throughout the region, and National Sales Director Craig McGraw says there is no better indicator of the company’s trustworthiness than its four decades of service. Founded by McGraw’s father Ron McGraw and partner Jim Skow, Trans American started life as a flatbed and van carrier but eventually found its niche in providing transportation for heavy, oversized equipment.

Although the company’s primary specialty is in hauling large-scale equipment for manufacturers in the aircraft and industrial sectors, Craig McGraw says Trans American’s customer base is more diverse than might appear at first glance. He says the company’s customers range from major freight forwarders in corporate type settings to manufacturers working directly out of their warehouses, and that the company’s capabilities include packing, warehousing and exporting in addition to trucking services. The fact that Trans American specializes in oversized equipment means it stands out in the crowded transportation market in and around the Port of New York and Baltimore, however. “The competition that we go up against in the area, “there’s only a handful of other companies that have the capabilities to preform the services we do," McGraw says.

As Trans American reflects on the 40 years and more than 65 million miles behind it, McGraw says the company sees the road ahead as clear. That’s thanks in no small part to the company’s long history of serving the region as well as its plans to ensure that it continues to uphold its tradition of excellent service well into the future.

Long History

The greatest strength Trans American brings to the marketplace is rooted in its longevity, according to McGraw. The fact that the company has been around for more than 40 years doesn’t only mean that it has formed long-lasting relationships with its customers, but that its customers can count on some of the most experienced drivers in the industry handling their shipments. McGraw says the company has drivers who have spent a good majority of their entire careers of 30 years or more with Trans American. “You don’t see that often in any industry, let alone trucking,” he says.

Trans American’s drivers have an average of 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, and the company has a retention rate of approximately 90 percent. Both of those go a long way toward helping the company maintain a culture that is focused on excellence, McGraw says. Long-term employees take pride in their work and take their contributions to the company’s reputation seriously, he says, which not only results in exceptional customer service but also in a safety record that ranks higher than much of its competition.

Having the right people on the job is paramount to Trans American’s success, and that makes the recent shrinking of the labor pool one of the company’s primary concerns when looking ahead to the future. McGraw says the lack of young people willing to get into the trucking business means older drivers are retiring without experienced young drivers to replace them in many cases.

For its part, Trans American is taking a proactive stance by utilizing a mentoring program. McGraw says the company’s younger drivers are working with the more experienced drivers to help ease them into the transition of moving the 19 axle oversized freight. By doing so, McGraw adds, Trans American is ensuring that the next generation of experienced drivers within the company is ready to help the generation after it.

Full Service

Along with the company’s longevity, Trans American counts the depth of its services among its many distinct advantages. First and foremost among those services is the company’s heavy hauling capabilities, which range from three-axle flatbeds to 19-axle combinations. With the equipment it has in its fleet, Trans American is capable of hauling oversized freight up to 300,000 pounds anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

For more shipments that are of a more average size, Trans American’s proximity to the Port of Newark and the Port of Baltimore as well as numerous major highways gives the company the ability to serve customers nationwide. For customers who need warehousing, Trans American’s facilities provide more than 200,000 square feet of indoor storage as well as 200,000 square feet of outdoor storage, and its overhead crane capacity reaches 300,000 pounds.

Although Skow recently retired, Trans American transitioned Craig’s brother Jeff McGraw – who has more than 35 years of experience – to the position of Vice President, maintaining a continuity of family leadership that will keep the company on track despite the change. “The long-term vision for the growth of Trans American will be based on the same principles that our company has grown with: honesty, hard work, dedication, and teamwork,” Jeff McGraw says. “With that foundation in place, along with the experience and selflessness of our entire team, we can maintain our loyal customer base. For the future, we are committed to expanding, obtaining new business, and providing excellent trucking service for the next generations.”

Headquarters: South Plainfield, N.J.

Employees: 90

Specialty: Trucking and warehousing services


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