American Transportation Technology Corporation

ATTC is expanding its product line to tap into the consumer market.

By Bianca Herron

A group of Silicon Valley engineers and marketing professionals founded American Transportation Technology Corporation (ATTC) in 1988 with one goal in mind: to provide innovative, advanced technology products to the transportation industry.

In May of that same year, ATTC rolled out its first product, The Water Eliminator®, which was designed to remove water directly from the fuel tank. This reduced problems such as fuel line freeze-up; water damage to carburetors, fuel pumps and injectors; plugged fuel filters; loss of power; growth of algae and corrosion. The Water Eliminator® is effective in removing water from diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene and hydraulic fluid.American Transport Info box 2

The product was introduced at the International Trucking Show in Anaheim, Calif. “The market reception to the product was excellent,” co-founder and President Kerry Lawrence recalls.

After the company’s initial product introduction, ATTC expanded its product line to include a larger version of The Water Eliminator® designed to remove water from fuel storage tanks. “We now offer sizes that fit applications that range from small power equipment, heavy duty trucking, construction, AG, home heating oil, generators, fuel transfer and storage tanks,” Lawrence explains.

Building On Success

Thirty years later, ATTC is still focused on preventive maintenance, reducing operating costs and repairs and increasing equipment efficiency, which Lawrence says are the keys to the company’s success. “We want to help keep our customers’ equipment running longer, so they can reduce costs after their initial purchase,” Lawrence explains.

At this year’s National Hardware Show, held May 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, the Talent, Ore.-based company will introduce its new 12-inch Water Eliminator as well as an updated three-inch Water Eliminator. The company will also conduct product demonstrations.

Lawrence notes that prior to the Las Vegas show, ATTC primarily marketed its products through OEMs and specialty distributors. “We were focused mainly on heavy-duty trucking for years, but now we’re going after the consumer market,” Lawrence notes.

ATTC will display its full product line at the National Hardware show, including the Circuit Chaser®, which was designed to quickly find and repair short or faulty circuits in a tractor-trailer’s electrical system. “This is done by allowing a driver or mechanic to check power at the seven-pin connector on the tractor and the cord that connects the tractor to the trailer,” Lawrence explains. “This product also allows a truck driver to perform on-the-road repair of their lighting system, which helps reduce the need to have a mechanic make an expensive road call.”

ATTC will also showcase the Lamp and Wiring Tester, another product in its electrical line. “This is a simple handheld device that quickly checks continuity in sealed lamps that are commonly found on heavy-duty trucks, trailers and boat trailers,” Lawrence says. “This product can check both the continuity in the lamp and power from the plug.”

In addition, with growing popularity of the Circuit Chaser®, ATTC developed the 5/4 Trailer Harness Checker. This product checks both four- and five-pin flat connectors in small trailer applications. “It reduces the need for a test light, allowing the customer to quickly check each circuit on the tow vehicle’s trailer plug,” Lawrence says.

Looking Ahead

With 30 years of experience in product development, manufacturing and distribution, ATTC recently opened a consulting division. “Our extensive knowledge of United States and offshore manufacturing, product procurement, import/export and logistics puts us in position to assist companies in achieving their goals,” Lawrence notes.

ATTC manufactures high-quality parts through great, longstanding relationships with its factories. “We maintain these relationships being proactive throughout the manufacturing process,” Lawrence says. “These ongoing relationships have become like a personal relationship after many years of working together. Open lines of communication on both sides have been key for us.”

ATTC has a stringent quality control process, Lawrence adds. “Our products are inspected during manufacturing, after assembly and again prior to packaging to insure they meet our specifications,” he says.

American Transportation is working on several exciting new products designed to help protect its customers’ investments and reduce maintenance costs for both fleet operations and consumers. “We’re taking the technology we offered to the industrial-type applications and applying it towards the consumer as well,” Lawrence concludes. “We want to broaden our market reach and roll out more products that are applicable to consumers and their needs to keep their products running properly. We have some exciting new products ahead.”