Bentley Systems acquires Blyncsy to strengthen its AI infrastructure  

Breakthrough innovator in AI services for transportation maintenance, Blyncsy, has been acquired by Bentley Systems 

In an effort to broaden its artificial intelligence (AI) services, Bentley systems, the infrastructure engineering software company, has acquired Blyncsy. The acquisition will accelerate Bentley’s iTwin Ventures portfolio of infrastructure asset analytics, which focuses on digital twin ecosystems.  

Mark Pittman, CEO, founded Blyncsy in Utah in 2014. It applies computer vision and AI to analyze commonly available imagery and identify maintenance issues on roadway networks. Mark originally thought of the idea while stuck at a traffic light, later combining real time data with innovative technology to enhance the efficiency of transportation.

Blyncsy’s AI services replace costly and slow manual data collection efforts. This reduces the need for personnel or specialized vehicles in the field of improving transportation operators’ awareness of road conditions. Its software detects over 50 different roadway safety issues, including the location of active construction work zones. 

Mark commented: “Blyncsy is applying the latest AI and machine learning techniques to benefit transportation networks. With Bentley, we will provide even deeper asset analytics to transportation owners, supporting drivers today and in the future.” 

Blyncsy will adopt Bentley’s iTwin Platform for immersive integration with engineering and simulation models. The other side of the deal will see Bentley incorporate Blyncsy’s AI services within its emerging mobility digital twin offerings. 

Bentley’s iTwin Ventures Managing Executive, Mike Schellhase, added: “Blyncsy came to our attention for potential participation in a successive VC investment round. However, we were so convinced of the significance of their breakthrough that we undertook its outright acquisition, in order to scale it rapidly and pervasively. We expect investments in widespread asset analytics to accelerate leveraging infrastructure digital twins.”