Breathing new life into IDW parcel delivery: XDP’s rebranding initiative shakes up the industry

Today it is known as the largest, privately owned B2C carrier in the UK, specializing in large and non-standard freight. Initially formed in 1995, XDP Ltd has continually built a reputation for reliability and quality of service. The company prides itself on its continuous investment in superior technology and delivering customer excellence within the irregular dimension and weight (IDW) freight sector. Isabella Wayte, Managing Director, tells us more about the company’s journey: “At its inception, XDP originally delivered for the high value and security sector. However, with the development of on-line sales, XDP saw a gap in the market, particularly with drop shipping and for the delivery of larger items which are not conveyable.”

The recent revival of XDP’s logo represents yet another significant milestone. “Our rebranding provides a renewed logo, signage, and website, showcasing our obligation to innovation, progress, and guaranteeing a dynamic customer experience. We are embracing a fresh perspective as we look to the future, and this rebranding plays a pivotal role in that journey. As we adapt to an ever-evolving sector, our brand will serve as a beacon of our commitment to the movement, speed, and progress of our business. So far this year, we have fully revamped our digital interface by introducing our brand-new website and updating our customer tracking portal. We have also begun rebranding our fleet and are now in the process of updating all signage across the network.”

Strong working relationships
Aside from its current rebranding effort, XDP is also working hard to maintain its reputation and stay ahead of the ever-shrinking competitors, following the demise of Tuffnells Parcel Express. “We pride ourselves on the enhanced technology we provide to our customers as well as to their customers. In 2021, we introduced our new application, DriverX, providing full delivery transparency, regular notifications, and in-flight options, alongside several app updates improving tracking efficiency. In addition, our system enables bespoke reporting capabilities, and a host of integration solutions for our customers.

“We have several unique attributes that set us apart. The agility and flexibility of our network ensures we provide a high-quality service, with any freight or parcel that enters the XDP network subsequently sorted through our manual sortation process. This procedure minimizes touchpoints and allows for a more varied freight profile, with flexibility regarding both the weight and dimensions of the freight we carry. In addition, our stamina and commitment to innovation enables us to drive continuous improvement and adopt an agile approach to our delivery services, which is crucial in a dynamic industry such as ours. Our workforce is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of service for our customers by developing strong working relationships. This cooperative approach empowers us to better understand the needs of our customers, and work towards meeting them, alongside their strategic goals and deliverables,” she emphasizes.

Employee engagement
As Isabella discusses the challenges she has faced in her own career, she also highlights her concerns regarding the IDW freight industry. “Legislation is often very challenging in our sector, as regulatory compliance on business sometimes hampers the versatility we seek to achieve. My personal concern regarding today’s landscape within the industry, is the state of the UK road network which has proven to be a considerable hinderance to our nationwide operations. Furthermore, our sector often faces problems around resourcing, with a lack of appeal to the potential workforce,” she adds.

While recruitment and onboarding can be challenging, XDP fosters an innovative and collaborative work culture to retain its current staff members. “If I could define our culture in three words, these would be exciting, engaging, and rewarding. We place a strong emphasis on employee engagement and wellbeing incentives across our network, hosting a variety of events and fundraisers, alongside several employee incentives. We value our employees’ opinions and regularly encourage their input. I personally find the opportunity to work daily with a diverse group of individuals very gratifying. Building relationships and encouraging collaboration, witnessing their ideas evolve into reality, and observing their growth and success in their respective roles bring me great happiness,” she reveals.

Exceptional customer experiences
For the remainder of the year, Isabella hints at the progress of XDP’s rebranding efforts while preparing for a major strategic opportunity in 2024. But for now, the company continues to reach significant targets. “We are continually working on initiatives that provide us with enhanced control mechanisms, allowing us to elevate our service offering and drive quality,” she ends.

With a strong foundation built on reliability, innovation, and a dedicated workforce, XDP is poised for continued success. The company’s commitment to enhancing its services, embracing new technologies, whilst nurturing a positive work culture ensures that it remains at the forefront of the industry. As XDP continues to adapt to challenges and seize strategic opportunities, its unwavering focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, and undenied stamina, will undoubtedly drive its future growth and solidify its position as a leader in the field. With a clear vision and a passion for excellence, XDP is well-positioned to achieve even greater milestones and make a lasting impact in the years to come.