Joining the dots

Last year, Boris Johnson said ‘innovation has a part to play in boosting the UK and wider economy’ and as we come out of the pandemic, it’s clear that only businesses with foresight and an ability to respond quickly to evolving situations will thrive.

Yet with so many elements in the manufacturing supply chain, it’s often difficult for businesses to access the data they need to make intuitive, informed-decisions. Typically held in separate data-sharing interfaces, users have yet to utilize its full potential.

Current software systems support a whole raft of manufacturing and logistical processes, but they’re not giving users the insights they need. So, who’s joining up the dots? Where are the systems that enable business leaders to leverage the latest information within their whole value chain and use it to support real-time decision making?

These are not rhetorical questions, the technology exists.

Described as ‘enterprise software created for humans’ LOVIS EOS helps organizations ‘join the dots’ so they can have the certainty they need to thrive.

It processes masses of information and data, and following a voice command, shares real-time operational status reports 6in seconds. When asked LOVIS Assistant answers, telling business leaders how their organizations are performing in real-time. Imagine being able to access such a wealth of data with just your voice?

Configurable and scalable, when customized to business parameters it gives firms instant access to all organizational-wide data, putting them in a stronger position to respond to market changes quickly, improving productivity, profitability and well-being.

There is no comparable EOS/AI tool that enables leaders to instantly interpret all data within their whole value chain, make truly-informed decisions and optimize their resources.

How does it differ from other enterprise applications?
While many enterprise systems have cross-functional capabilities, they’re not able to retrieve and instantly share data across all organizational and vendor interfaces. LOVIS EOS has a continuous, transactional and collaborative workflow system connecting all functions, in real-time, instantly creating and aggregating reports. Its multi-currency, multi-language and multi-country DNA gives it global capabilities.

There are no operational go-live disruptions; it adapts to organizations in weeks and fully deploys within six months, supporting every business process and its variations. There are no monthly closing procedures or disruptions and new roles/profiles are assigned via automatic data access and workflow updates, improving security, communication and collaboration.

Every task is preconfigured to minimize human effort and maximize data quality. All transactions are created using business terms and converted into their accounting equivalent. And as a native of the cloud, the system’s secure and accessible from any device, anywhere, with bank-grade security.

LOVIS EOS delivers a long-term increase in productivity of at least 100 percent, reduces carbon footprints by 1/7th and gives a 2:1 annual return on investment from year two By using a simultaneous session pricing model, there are no additional licensing, infrastructure or annual maintenance costs.

What does it support?
It supports procurement, inventory, manufacturing, transformations, maintenance, product sales and distribution, components, ingredients, derivatives, services and fixed assets, plus all the procurement-to-pay and sale-to-cash variations.

With finance, LOVIS EOS supports: billing, receivables, expenses, payables, treasury, investments and banks, and instantly creates financial transactions to reflect supply chain events.

The system connects with B2B and B2C e-commerce portals, CRM, ERP, POS, BI, analytics, billing, and any other application integral to the running of a business. Business intelligence gives access to dynamic analytics, reports and queries to support decision making, plus measures performance and ensures the accurate reporting of results.

Clean data is instantly created and aggregated when travelling through the different process stages, and so easily interpreted by AI and Machine Learning, courtesy of dynamic real-time hypercubes using AWS Quick Sight, other BI tools and Amazon Alexa.

By supporting every beginning-to-end business process 24/7 on the cloud, rather than being modular or function based, there’s no need for internal interfaces or data-sharing systems.

LOVIS EOS prioritizes the operation over resource planning, taking into account process variants usually handled outside a system’s parameters, and adapts/evolves with customers’ business logic by configuration, rather than programming. And instead of software analysis, design, development and testing, there’s a focus on business process engineering and project/change management.

Triumph over adversity
While LOVIS EOS ticks Boris Johnson’s ‘innovation’ box, it’s not just new technology that can help businesses thrive; it requires a mindset change. Innovation will triumph over adversity in this new pandemic-led world if decision-makers develop news skills and attitudes, prioritize their strategic thinking, align processes to strategic goals and integrate processes with business intelligence.

Rafael Funes, creator of LOVIS EOS, is a technology visionary. Working in the UK on an exceptional talent VISA, and based in London with offices in Spain, Mexico and Canada, Rafael has won national awards from Mexican state leaders and universities recognizing his global contribution to science and technology education.