Opportunity knocks

EirTrade Aviation, the aviation technical asset services and trading company with a specialist aircraft disassembly facility at Knock, Ireland West Airport, has been awarded an AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association) accreditation

The accreditation will see the company taking on the disassembly market as the first, and only, AFRA accredited facility in Ireland and will serve to reassure its clients of the regular review and regulation of all processes. EirTrade provides disassembly services for all Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier & ATR types. To date EirTrade has disassembled regional and commercial aircraft of all sizes from ATR72 to A380 aircraft.

“The AFRA accreditation contains a very clear set of recommendations and best practices for aircraft recycling. EirTrade was already working to these standards however, the accreditation now reaffirms that to the market and provides an added level of comfort to our customers,” says Lee Carey, VP Asset Management at EirTrade Aviation.