Safe return to cruising

The support provided, including verification of safety and hygiene measures, will be based upon the expertise and extensive experience built by Bureau Veritas in 2020 to address health protection and hygiene requirements on-board passenger ships. BV’s approach meets the specific requirements of the cruise market, addressing biological risks, as posed by Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.

BV will verify the procedures and protocols of Carnival Corporation’s ships to identify and manage Covid-19 related risks in port, at embarkation and disembarkation points, and, of course, on the ships. Outbreak management planning will address necessary procedures for prevention, mitigation, and preparation to manage crew and passenger hygiene, wellbeing and health with clear definitions of responsibilities and roles.

Subsequent to the restart of UK cruise itineraries, it is anticipated that a return to operations will continue in global markets – BV as an independent body will verify Covid-19 protocols and procedures meeting guidelines enforced by national administrations, helping Carnival’s ships get back to global operations for all Carnival’s brands.