It is no secret that soil conditions vary from place to place. Those in need of concrete lifting and soil stabilization services need to know that their partner of choice has the experience and skills to tackle unique and complex situations.

URETEK is one company that has developed a proven track record of performance. The company offers customers the most unique solutions for the most difficult concrete lifting and soil stabilization projects.

The company’s solutions cover a wide range of applications specifically designed to quickly and effectively lift and realign sunken concrete and stabilize weak soils, even those saturated with water.  It can rehabilitate customers’ facilities and infrastructure with solutions that are less disruptive and more cost effective, compared to ripping up and replacing concrete.

Patented Processes

For decades, URETEK has been solving concrete lifting and soil stabilization problems nationally. In 2014, it will celebrate the 25th anniversary of The URETEK Method, which is the original patent that first established its brand in the United States.

With the introduction of The Deep Injection Patent, the company continued its tradition of innovation. URETEK’s Deep Injection Process increases the load-bearing capacity of weak soils through geopolymer injection, thus offering clients a solution when weak soils are the problem.

“Having patents allows us to control the quality of our work,” President Jack Frey says.

“Our project experience provides a strong  comfort level when our solutions may still be new to the client,” he adds. “Most of our project supervisors have more than 10 years of real job experience using our solutions. The value is passed down to the client because you know the job will be done right the first time.”

Making an Impact

The company’s injection processes are low-impact, with minimal moving parts.  Small injections are made through 5/8” holes (about the size of a penny), but those injections have a big impact as URETEK’s geopolymer is specially formulated to surgically realign uneven concrete while densifying weak soils.

These problems develop from the day-to-day constant vibration and heavy traffic industrial complexes are accustomed to.  The rapid cure time of the geopolymer allows these treated locations to be accessed immediately for use, eliminating any lengthy shutdown of the facility.

Since its inception, URETEK has completed more than 85,000 projects across the United States. It continues to search for innovation through research and development efforts aimed at new lines of geopolymers and new processes for special and unique applications.

Localized Service

As its solutions have become better known across the country, the company ultimately launched the URETEK ICR nationwide network to serve the industrial, commercial and residential markets on a local level. This network provides quicker, more localized service to current and prospective customers throughout the United States.

As with any company, communication is imperative but also has its many challenges. The URETEK ICR network has emphasized internal collaboration to discuss projects and best practices to better serve its clients, in addition to making constant improvements on productivity and efficiency.

“We develop relationships with customers to be sure they understand all the options and are aware that we can provide cheaper and faster solutions that don’t require shutdowns,” Frey says. “We have created awareness in the engineering communities of what we can do, and our national network helps us deliver best practices.”

URETEK ICR is doing more informative and educational based campaigns to make sure prospective customers understand that it offers proven, sound technologies are known for producing exceptional results.

Moving Forward

URETEK ICR will continue to invest into any and all opportunities for increasing awareness about its offerings and unique applications.

“There are many niche areas ideal for our solutions,” Frey says.

“Take for example, historical societies that want to restore the foundation of the original structure,” Frey continues. “We can do that.”

The mobility and minimal disruption of URETEK’s solutions provide its clients with a unique value that is relevant in all industries that have a 24/7-work environment and/or cannot afford any downtime.

“Having worked for and with global, fast-paced manufacturing, transportation and logistic companies, I have been able to see where we are successful in providing solutions, adding value and saving money. We look for those opportunities that will allow us to demonstrate to new customers how we can help them,” Frey says.

The company will continue to build on its brand awareness and recognition efforts in many markets across the country. It is striving to expand so it can grow and have a much stronger presence in all major cities and metropolitan areas in the nation.

In addition, the company is working with its network to grow their relationships within all industries.

“Customers at the national level want solutions through a company they can work with at all of their sites,” Frey says.

“We can do that, which is why we are working to make sure companies are aware of our presence around the country,” he continues. “Our network is motivated to perform and our work supports the brand.”