Charging up

Extensive ultra-fast charging networks are seen by both companies as essential to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. The companies have signed a memorandum of understanding for their collaboration and intend to finalize agreements in coming months. This would bring together two leading global players in mobility to develop a network of ultra-fast chargers at convenient and high-quality locations – bp sites, and Aral sites in Germany. The partnership should give

EV drivers greater confidence in being able to access nearby, reliable, quality charging options.

The agreement would also make bp the Volkswagen Group’s EV charging partner, with the integration of bp’s charging network into VW Group vehicles to make finding and paying for charging fast and simple. The network would also be available for other EV customers as part of the bp pulse network (Aral pulse in Germany), improving access to ultra-fast charging for EV drivers more widely.

Ultra-fast charging units, with a power output greater than 150kW, can charge a vehicle with the appropriate battery technology for a range of around 160km in just over ten minutes – broadly as fast as refuelling at the pump.