Essential hub

Named Kerry Freight Controlled Network (KCN), the freight integrator centers on the Americas hub set up in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Kevin Bulger, Chief Operating Officer of USA, Kerry Logistics Network, explained why the business chose Huntsville as its Americas air freight hub for KCN. “It is congestion free and enjoys expedited transfer of cargo to Latin America and Mexico,” he said. “With cooperation from HSV, we will be able to execute swift dispatch of cargoes to cities within the USA and Canada. KCN will be a welcomed service in the increasingly tight air cargo market and meet the demands of customers looking for a lasting and reliable solution to their air freight needs.”

Rick Tucker, CEO, Port of Huntsville, added: “The Port of Huntsville is a Southeast gateway to countries all over the world and makes our region a highly sought-after location for business and industry. Home to the Huntsville International Airport (HSV), Jetplex Industrial Park (JIP) and the International Intermodal Centre (IIC), our Port creates efficient, effective, and economical solutions for customers and stimulates the regional economy through a strong transportation infrastructure, global connectivity, and innovative logistic solutions.”