Improve Warehouse Safety with Forklift Truck Mats

When bad weather arrives in the winter, water trails from forklift truck wheels become unsightly and increase the risk of slip accidents in warehouses. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem.

Forklift Truck Mats are specially designed floor mats that can be fitted around warehouse entrances to absorb water from the wheels of forklift trucks. The mats include the same features and principles used by regular entrance mats, including an absorbent pile to soak up water and a raised waffle pattern that helps scrape dirt away. The difference is that Forklift Truck Mats, available from First Mats, are substantially more durable, thanks to a 100% SBR Rubber backing and reinforced bi-level surface pattern.

One big advantage of these Forklift Truck Mats compared to recessed mat systems is that they can be attached directly to the floor with adhesive tape, reducing the need for long periods of downtime for installation. In fact, each mat tile can be fitted in around 10 minutes. Forklift Truck Mats are sold as individual tiles measuring 115cm x 180cm, making them ideal for various doorway sizes (a minimum of three mats are recommended for good performance).

“The Forklift Truck Mats have been a big hit with our warehouse customers,” states First Mats Director Richard O’Connor, “their feedback tells us the mats make a noticeable difference in their warehouse, keeping floors drier and safer for longer.”

To learn more about Forklift Truck Mats, see the First Mats website, where you can find more images, installation guidelines and a video demonstrating how they work.